23 Liangjiang Companies Selected as the Top 50 Most Competitive Companies in Chongqing

来源:中国网 时间:2023-07-28 14:44:44 编辑:李柯佑

Twenty-three companies of Liangjiang New Area entered the list of the top 50 most competitive software and information services companies in Chongqing.

The recently released list measured enterprises based on industry statistics, with enterprises' scale, operational performance, and other key indicators taken into consideration. The list includes industry participants that have achieved outstanding performance since the implementation of the"Full of Stars" last July and covers major sectors such as basic and industrial software, according to an official from the Chongqing Economic and Information Technology Commission.

The"Full of Stars" action plan was issued by the municipality government to expand the software and information service industry and followed by various policies to support the industry development. According to the plan, the software and information service industry of Chongqing is to see tens of thousands of new software enterprises, 200,000 new employees, and an industry scale of 500 billion yuan (about $ 69.87 billion) by 2025.

Liangjiang enterprises selected into the list have realized solid innovation capability, significant investment in R&D, and extensive application scenarios, said an official from the Industry Promotion Bureau of Liangjiang New Area.  

For instance, Mashang Consumer Finance, a tech-driven financial services provider has invested more than 3 billion yuan in R&D and more than 70% of its employees are researchers and developers. The company contributed more than 52% patent of the consumer finance sector and has more than 1,000 independently-developed core tech systems. It plans to launch the first large-scale model in the retail finance sector in China.

Chongqing Zhubajie Network Co., Ltd., another Liangjiang enterprise on the list is a national-level demonstration incubator. To date, the enterprise has seen more than 10 million registrations accumulatively, incubated more than 100 thousand enterprises, and provided more than a million opportunities for start-ups and jobs.

Chongqing Zhubajie Network Co., Ltd. is located in the Liangjiang Digital Economy Industry Park, a major platform for Chongqing to develop big data and intelligent technologies. (photo/ Chen Wensen)

Since the implementation of the"Full of Stars" action plan, Liangjiang has seen rapid growth in the software and information service industry. To date, the industry has achieved more than 7.7 billion yuan ($1.08 billion) of revenue, 299 thousand square meters of new office space, 829 new enterprises, and 15 thousand new employees.

To promote the industry, Liangjiang New Area has targeted the five major development directions of industrial software, automotive software, emerging platform software, industry application software, and digital content, and has proposed the six special actions of office building optimization, market player cultivation, innovation leading, application leading, talent attraction and cultivation, and ecological improvement.

By 2025, the software and information service industry of Liangjiang New Area will add more than 4,000 new enterprises and 110,000 new employees, increase revenue by more than 50 billion yuan, and reach a total industry scale of more than 200 billion yuan, according to a specialized action plan the new area released last year.(Liangjiang New Area )