Liangjiang New Area Becoming a Digital Industrial Hub in Western China

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In recent years, the national-level development area Chongqing Liangjiang New Area in Southwest China has gathered many digital enterprises and enabled a digital technology cluster, boosting itself into a digital industrial hub in Western China.

Liangjiang Digital Economy Industrial Park. (Photo/Zhang Kunkun)

Digital Economy Contributes One-Third of Chongqing's Added Value

In 2018, Liangjiang launched the Digital Economy Industrial Park, which has grown to house over 6,000 digital economy enterprises and employ more than 8,000 workers within five years.

By 2021, the industrial park hosted 538 high-tech enterprises, generating a production value of 208.981 billion yuan, marking a 19.6% year-on-year increase.

In March, the Chongqing Digital Economy Innovation Park was established in Liangjiang New Area to nurture a trillion-level industry cluster. As China's first major digital economy project since the release of the Overall Layout Planning for Digital China in February, the park is poised to become a new hub for the digital industry in Western China.

Yang Chunzhi, the board chairman of Chongqing Digital Economy Innovation Park, revealed that the innovation park has established a 10 billion yuan industry fund to attract talent and stimulate industrial growth. The park aims to support two to three listed companies and three to five unicorn companies, generating revenue of 50 billion yuan.

The rapid expansion of both parks demonstrates Liangjiang's thriving digital economy. A Liangjiang Economy Operation Bureau representative explained that the New Area concentrates on key sectors such as industrial software, automotive software, artificial intelligence, and internet security.

With over 8,000 active market entities in the digital economy, Chongqing now derives one-third of its added value from this sector, while its software and information service industry surpasses the 100 billion yuan mark.

Manufacturing Industry Upgrades through Industrial Digitization

Liangjiang New Area is the hub for Chongqing's industrial economy and high-tech sector, focusing on developing a digital economy while integrating with the real economy to drive the transition to smart manufacturing.

Chongqing GYMD Digital Technology Co., Ltd., an industrial internet company backed by China's automotive giant Geely, is located in the Liangjiang Digital Economy Industrial Park. The company showcases how the industrial internet can help businesses enhance quality and efficiency by offering solutions for storage logistics, energy conservation, and carbon reduction.

Within just two years, GYMD's industrial internet platform, Geega, has been adopted by numerous automotive and aluminum processing companies."In the future, we will address key technological challenges and drive the manufacturing sector to transform into high-value technology enterprises," a Chongqing GYMD Digital Technology Co., Ltd. spokesperson said.

At an intelligent unmanned warehouse owned by Changan Automobile, vans shuttle back and forth while a vast array of auto parts are accurately stored, picked, and delivered. A Changan Minsheng APLL Logistics Co., Ltd. representative explained that the company has focused on developing intelligent industrial logistics in recent years, shifting away from traditional storage methods characterized by large storage areas and high human error rates. This change has resulted in a fourfold increase in operational efficiency.

Statistics reveal that Liangjiang New Area has completed 350 intelligent reconstruction projects and established 79 digital workshops and 22 smart factories. The new national area aims to attract over 4,000 software and information enterprises, striving to surpass 200 billion yuan by 2025.

(written by Dai Yuan, Liangjiang New Area Media Center)