Auto Brands Aim to Invest in Chongqing for NEV Market

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As Chongqing Municipal People’s Government announced new plans to build a world-class industrial cluster for intelligent connected vehicles (ICV) and new energy vehicles (NEV) this September, Liangjiang New Area, where most Chongqing-made auto enterprises are located, is making significant strides towards the target.

Over 200 AVATR sales stores set up by December

Co-founded by Changan, CATL, and Huawei, AVATR has set up over 60 sales stores in 20 main cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Chengdu, Nanjing, etc.

“Over 200 sales stores of AVATR will be set up estimated by this December,” said Wang Jinhai, the vice president of AVATR Technology.

Sales store of AVATR. 

The speedy development of AVATR Technology reflects Changan Auto intensifying in the NEV field. The output of Changan Auto increases by 13.02% year on year. Remarkably, the production of ICV is with an upsurge of 163.15%.

The company sets its plan where the sales of Changan Auto will be up to three million vehicles in 2025, among which the ICV and NEV will account for 35%. In 2030, Changan will build itself into a world-class brand with sales of 4.5 million vehicles, ICV and NEV accounting for 60%.

More auto brands are willing to invest in Chongqing

This September, Liangjiang New Area signed a strategic cooperation agreement with SERES that the project of a new energy car, AITO, will settle in Liangjiang New Area.

As introduced, SERES plans to build a brand new smart manufacturing base in Liangjiang New Area which will be put into production in the fourth quarter of 2023. The base will improve its capacity and fully meet the market demands for new energy vehicles. After this project is implemented, the high-end vehicles co-developed by SERES and Huawei will also be manufactured in Liangjiang New Area. 

Headquarters of SERES.

With the development of Chongqing NEV manufacturers and suppliers, the auto industrial cluster here is imminent, and more auto brands are willing to invest in Chongqing.

Geely Polestar and Li Auto will also put their manufacturing bases in Liangjiang New Area. Geely Polestar is estimated to be put into operation in the first quarter of 2023, which will annually produce 50,000 high-end NEVs, while Li Auto will start construction in the coming months, with an annual output of 30,00 NEVs.

The new energy base of SAIC Hongyan located in Ordos has finished its first-stage construction, while the newly-built smart factory in Liangjiang New Area will have the first vehicle roll off the production line this November.

As the first global hydrogen-powered heavy-duty truck project, the base in Ordos is constructed responding to the national initiative for carbon peak and carbon neutrality. The annual output will be up to 24,000 new energy trucks.

The smart factory of SAIC Hongyan.

While playing a vital role in Chongqing’s auto industry development, Liangjiang New Area aims to produce 1 million NEVs by 2025, driving Chongqing to build World-class ICV and NEV Industry Cluster.

(BY Dai Yuan, Liangjiang New Area Provide pictures)