National-level Inland Area Rising to Prominence for Digital Intelligence

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As a key pivot of Chongqing’s economic development, Liangjiang New Area, the first national-level development and open area in inland China, rapidly establishes itself as an innovation hub for digital intelligence technology.

Liangjiang Digital Economy Industrial Park. (Photo/Zhang Kunkun)

This March, the Chongqing Digital Economy Innovation Park was unveiled in Liangjiang New Area, attracting 50 enterprises to settle down, making it China’s first large-scale digital economy industrial project since the Overall Layout Planning for Digital China was released in February.

Another digital economy hub, the Liangjiang Digital Economy Industrial Park, launched in 2018, has already gathered over 400 enterprises and more than 30,000 innovative talents.

In total, Liangjiang New Area is now home to over 8,000 digital economy enterprises, with the value added of the digital economy accounting for one-third of Chongqing’s total, taking a prominent lead in the region.

Digital intelligence enables industrial updates

The advancements in digital intelligence technology are driving industrial updates in various sectors in Liangjiang New Area. Recently, two Chinese industry giants Tencent and Changan Automobile, entered an extensive strategic cooperation agreement, focusing on the smart cockpit, autonomous driving, and digital updates to reach a higher-quality digital transformation.  

Artificial intelligence is also empowering the intelligent growth of the automobile industry. At Seres, a new energy automaker in the area, their smart factory boasts incredible manufacturing speed. It produces a brand new vehicle every three minutes through only four steps processed from ordinary steel to a new vehicle. 

The factory is home to over 1,000 robots, realizing 100% automation for the key process. As introduced by a representative of Seres, this digitization and integration with artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things have significantly reduced manufacturing costs, shortened cycles, and unprecedentedly improved vehicle quality and precision.

The smart factory of Seres in Liangjiang New Area. (Photo/Xie Li)

Beyond the automobile industry, Liangjiang New Area is working on updating the electronic industry through digital transformation, focusing on three industrial clusters, that are new-type displays, intelligent terminals, and integrated circuits.

1,200 job opportunities for digital intelligence talent

Liangjiang New Area has endeavored to create an appealing environment for both living and career, implementing supportive policies and attracting more talents to settle down. With its ongoing progress, the area is poised to become a thriving center for digital innovation and intelligence technology.

To support the growth in digital intelligence technology, a job fair was held in Liangjiang New Area this March, attracting 63 software and information service enterprises to provide over 1,200 job opportunities.

The area has also established ten software institutes, such as Chongqing Internet Institute and Mingyue Lake Industrial Innovation Park, cultivating over 20,000 talents in internet-connected vehicles, artificial intelligence, and other fields to build a solid talent base for the digital intelligence hub.

(this article is written by Dai Yuan, Liangjiang New Area Media Center)